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Tests to be performed on ANR Pipeline


TransCanada’s ANR Pipeline plans to continue its pipeline maintenance program in Elkhart, LaGrange, DeKalb, and Steuben counties this week. Residents in the surrounding area may notice heavy equipment and experience noise and vibration at some points.

ANR will test pipe in LaGrange County from 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9, in an area off US 20 and CR 250W and extending to CR 1100E, just south of Little Turkey Lake.

The tests are being conducted at night to minimize the impact on residents regarding their daytime activities.

ANR operates a 22-inch diameter pipeline that carries natural gas to the Midwest. As part of its maintenance and safety program, ANR routinely uses a test commonly employed by the pipeline industry called a hydrostatic test. When conducting this test, natural gas is removed from the pipeline and replaced with water that is placed under high pressure to check for any anomalies or leaks.

“The purpose of such testing is to pinpoint issues and resolve them before they become a larger concern,” said Project Manager Richard Torres. “In this particular stretch of pipe, our maintenance program has worked just as it was designed to do and we have replaced some of the pipe. We will continue to conduct further tests to test the integrity of the remaining pipeline in the area.”

Residents who have questions can contact ANR Land Representative Bill Burns at 317-534-7228. Burns will be on site during the scheduled maintenance.

“We know the trucks and the maintenance activities may be an inconvenience for some residents,” Burns stated. “We appreciate the community’s patience while we work to ensure the continued safety and reliability of our pipeline system. If any residents have a concern or question, I will be happy to address their issue and work with them. Please just give me a call.”