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Testing for ham radio license scheduled

The Northeastern Indiana Amateur Radio Club will offer testing for all three classes of amateur radio license on Saturday, March 8, beginning at 9 a.m. in the DeKalb County Courthouse Annex, 200 East 10th Street in Auburn, Ind.

Applicants will learn of their pass/fail status upon completion of their test. Successful completion will result in issue of a 10-year FCC license for the respective class of amateur radio station operation.

Applicants must pay a $14 fee for the testing and provide two forms of ID, one of which must include their photo. Any license holder testing to upgrade to a higher class must also provide a copy of their current license. United States citizenship is required to qualify for these licenses and there are no age restrictions.

The three classes of license are Technician, General and Extra. Each succeeding class offers increased operating privileges commensurate with demonstrated skills. In addition to the hobby aspect of amateur radio, hams, as they are otherwise known, are noted around the world for their volunteer activities to provide emergency communications for disaster relief efforts.