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Techology bids received; bonds approved


Bids for 10 technology related items were on the agenda for Monday’s county commissioners meeting. Nine items received bids. Total on the bids was $726,628.

    County commissioners approved and asked the county council to issue bonds of up to $1.2 million to pay for the items.

    The only items approved for immediate purchase are the E911 consoles. The communications department is in dire need of this new equipment, according to Information Technology (IT) Director Bob Murphy. The bid of $81,689 from InDigital Telecommunication was accepted. An annual maintenance agreement of $12,743 was approved subject to review by County Attorney Kurt Bachman.

    Other bids received included: (item, company and amount)

·        Hardware upgrades, Strategic Solutions, $333,106; CVW of Illinois, $359,149;

·        GPS system for highway dept., J & K Communications of Columbia City, $30,854;

·        Diagnostic equipment for highway dept., Unique Truck Equipment of Grand Rapids, Mich., $14,527;

·        GIS System contour layering, Pictometry International Corp. of Rochester, N.Y., $73,530 or $67,725 if three segments purchased at once;

·        800 MHZ radio repeaters for E911, Emergency Radio Service Inc., $41,204;

·        County document management equipment (will be used to scan old records stored in attic of courthouse as well as current records), Indus of West Salem, Wisc., $49,110;

·        Fiber optic connection, Goshen Fiber Network of New Paris, $73,495  for 12-strand and $79,345 for 24-strand; Clear Lake Electric of Fremont, $103,007 for 12-strand;

·        Document printing system upgrade (copy machines), Oce’ North America of Ft. Wayne, $34,918.