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Suspect attempts to burn meth labs in home


The discovery of a suspected meth lab in Northwest LaGrange County Wednesday morning resulted in the Shipshewana Fire Department being called to the scene to extinguish a fire.

According to the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy patrolling the area of CR 920W and CR 750N early Wednesday morning noticed a strong chemical odor associated with the manufacturing of meth. The deputy was able to narrow down the source of the odor to a residence on CR 750N and requested assistance from other officers and Sheriff Terry Martin.

Attempts by the officers to make contact with the person inside the home failed. Officers then applied for a search warrant on the residence.

A short time later, a fire was reportedly lit inside the residence and officers were forced to make entry.

Officers immediately removed Nickole Wood, 25, of Shipshewana from the residence. Officers were overtaken by chemical fumes and smoke from the fire.

The department reported that two one-pot meth labs had been placed in the fireplace and lit on fire.

Officers returned into the residence and extinguished the fire that was quickly overtaking the fireplace and mantle.

The Shipshewana Fire Department responded to the scene and equipped officers with air packs and checked the residence for any other occupants. They also worked to ventilate the home.

One the home was safe to enter again, officers executed a search warrant and reportedly discovered a large amount of items and chemicals associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine, a significant amount of meth and related paraphernalia.

Wood was taken to the LaGrange County Jail and booked on preliminary charges of Manufacturing Meth, a Class B Felony, Possession of Meth, a Class D Felony, Possession of Precursors, a Class D Felony, and Maintaining a Common Nuisance, a Class D Felony.

The Indiana State Police Lab Team was called in to process the scene.