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Survey okayed for CR 200N


County commissioners approved a $91,500 contract with American Structurepoint, Inc., Monday morning for engineering work on CR 200N. The South Bend firm will be surveying and doing an engineering assessment for work that will be needed to knock down hills and improve the vertical line of sight on the road from CR 450W to CR 625W.

    The main purpose of the engineering study is to determine an estimated cost for reconstructing the road which runs by Pallet One (Shipshewana Pallet).

    Joseph S. Fragomeni Jr. and Scott M. Crites, representatives of the company, were present. They explained the contract calls for completion in 120 days and will provide an estimated cost for the new road project.

    Commissioners voted to renew the license for the Model Airplane Club to continue using the airspace over the old county landfill. The agreement is for one year starting July 31, 2012.