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Stutzman on The Sean Hannity Show

U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman joined The Sean Hannity Show on July 31 to discuss the ongoing effort to defund ObamaCare.

“We have been fighting it tooth and nail ever since it was signed,” Stutzman said. “Now, we are coming to that point when ObamaCare is going to be implemented October 1 and we have a point in time right now when we must defund ObamaCare and save the American people from this train wreck. This is when it matters...whenever I go home and talk to people across Northeast Indiana, ObamaCare is the issue – and now we have leverage here to stop it, and that’s why I believe we’ve got to do everything we can now. This is one of our last opportunities to take the purse away from the President, and when it really matters, right now is that time to do that.”

Hannity: “But you would fund the entire government but for ObamaCare. Is that not correct, Mr. Stutzman?”

Stutzman: “Yes – absolutely. And that’s the thing. We’re still two months away from September 30, when the current CR would expire to fund the government. We’re still two months away. So I think for us to wave any white flags right now is not smart strategy at all. We have time to find a way to fund the government. We can fund the troops but we don’t need to fund ObamaCare. We can fund border patrol agents but not fund ObamaCare bureaucrats. We have time to do this. There are ways to do this where we can pass funding of the government but don’t fund ObamaCare.”

Stutzman: “This isn’t even about shutting the government down – that’s the President’s rhetoric. He’s the one that’s saying that we should shut the government down. That’s a false choice. We can do this. He’s already been willing to delay parts of it. Let’s just continue to delay it and continue to defund it until the people really see the dramatic effects, negative effects that the American people are dealing with every day.”