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Stutzman co-sponsors bill to defund ObamaCare

U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman, the first House Republican to oppose the funding of ObamaCare in any continuing resolution, joined Rep. Tom Graves (GA-14) and 41 other House Republicans September 12 in introducing the Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution(H.J. Res. 62), a plan to fund the government during Fiscal Year 2014 and fully delay and defund ObamaCare until 2015.

“After years of symbolic votes, the House should defund ObamaCare now when it really matters. The American people are just weeks away from the ObamaCare train wreck and each day I hear more stories from Hoosiers facing higher premiums, smaller paychecks, and uncertainty. The American people are tired of Washington’s mandates and games – it’s time to defund ObamaCare and delay this mess while we still have time. That’s exactly what our bill does. We’ve put forward a reasonable plan to fund the government and completely defund and delay ObamaCare.”

The Stability, Security and Fairness Resolutiondelays and defunds ObamaCare until 2015. The legislation also keeps the government open for FY2014 with a Continuing Resolution, with overall spending at the post-sequestration number of $967.4 billion. H.J. Res. 62 includes the Defense, Homeland Security and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bills for FY2014 as passed by the House.