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Stutzman: “Hoosiers Deserve an All-of-the-Above Energy Plan”

U.S. Congressman Marlin Stutzman issued the following statement Friday after the House passed three bills this week to enhance domestic energy security and encourage job growth.

“From ObamaCare’s premium increases to the red tape holding back job growth, Washington is making daily life unaffordable for too many Americans. When energy prices rise, Hoosiers feel the squeeze at the gas pump, the checkout line and their monthly utility bills. Families are already stretching to make ends meet and Washington is making it worse by ignoring American energy opportunities. Hoosiers deserve an all-of-the-above energy plan that lowers prices, develops new resources, and encourages real job growth. This week the House passed three separate common-sense bills to do exactly that.

“Over the past month, President Obama and Senate Democrats have lost credibility with the American people. If they’re serious about rebuilding that trust they should start by realizing that the solution can’t be bigger government. They can start by supporting these three energy and jobs bills.”


·           On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the House passed H.R. 1965, the Federal Lands Jobs and Energy Security Act of 2013, to expand onshore energy production.

·           Additionally, the House passed H.R. 2728, the Protecting States’ Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act, to responsibly expand opportunities for hydraulic fracturing.

Finally, on Friday, the House passed H.R. 1900, the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, to speed up the federal government’s review of applications for natural gas pipeline certificates.