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Storage building approved for South Walnut lot


The Town of LaGrange Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) approved two separate variances Tuesday that will allow a 48x48 pole barn to be built at the corner of US 20 and S. Walnut St. in LaGrange.

Kim Hummell requested both a developmental standard variance and a land use variance from the BZA prior to purchasing the lot from the LaGrange County Historical Society to ensure he would be able to use it as he intended.

Hummell was approved for a 46 ft. roadside setback, where 80 ft. is standard. Hummell told the BZA that the 80 ft. setback would allow a 20 ft. building.

Area neighbors expressed concern about a possible drainage issue due to a building being placed on that lot. The BZA set a condition for the approval that Hummell would need to supply a drainage plan for the site.

Hummell was also approved for a land use variance, as personal storage is not a permitted use in an I-2 zone, which the lot sits in.

Hummell told the BZA that he wanted the storage building located in town for better security and town utilities. He was not intending to have a business at that location.

Neighbors did note that other lots in the area have had issues with outside storage, and did not want to see a repeat of those problems. The BZA set a condition of no outside storage as part of the land use variance approval.

The BZA noted that, should Hummell sell the building in the future, since it is in an I-2 zone anyone who purchases it and wants to put in a permitted use under that zoning will be allowed to do so without the need for a variance.