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State Senate Update - State Sen Sue Glick

Recent budget numbers demonstrate Indiana’s continued commitment to education.

Since 2012, Indiana’s K-12 funding has increased by more than $480 million. In that same time frame, federal support for K-12 education in Indiana decreased by more than $63 million.

Indiana’s commitment to a balanced budget has strengthened fiscal support for K-12 education. During the 2013 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly passed a two-year budget that cut taxes, held the line on spending and increased K-12 funding by $333 million.

A solid education system is one of the most important assets a state can have. It’s great to see that although our federal government continues to be mismanaged, Indiana has remained fiscally responsible while supporting essential services.

The General Assembly will write a new two-year budget during the 2015 legislative session, which begins in January.