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State Senate Update - State Sen Sue Glick

The Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that states must make big cuts to carbon emissions from existing power plants. In Indiana, this mandate will require 20 percent cuts before the year 2030.

This federal regulation could be devastating to our state's electricity customers and economy, as nearly 80 percent of our electric power comes from coal.

Indiana has been working for decades to make environmentally conscious upgrades to our coal-burning plants and invest in alternative energy sources. However, under the EPA proposal, Hoosiers could see higher electricity bills, job losses and a weaker economy with little environmental benefit.

The EPA is not seeking congressional action to implement this rule. However, Congress has the ability to stop it.

I urge you to reach out to Indiana’s members of Congress and express your opinions on this issue.

Indiana Recognized for Redistricting

A recent study by the Washington Post ranked Indiana as one of the best states in the nation for fair and sensible congressional district boundaries. The study reviewed each state’s district maps by their compactness and border in comparison to population.

Many states across the country have altered their congressional districts in ways that have been criticized for being too lopsided or favoring one party over another. However, Indiana has maintained a fair and balanced approach to redistricting, setting an example for other states.

As you may know, the Indiana constitution requires the Indiana General Assembly to redraw districts every 10 years, based on population changes from the federal census. Indiana’s most recent redistricting reform was in 2011.

 Prepare for Severe Weather

With changing seasons comes unpredictable weather in the Hoosier State. Don’t get caught off guard by severe weather.

Severe weather develops quickly, which means you and your loved ones must be prepared to seek shelter and take necessary safety precautions.

Here are some tips to prepare for severe weather:

•       Contact your insurance provider to be sure your policy includes severe weather damage.

•       Create an emergency kit that contains water, a radio, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, non-perishable food items, clothes and other necessary items.

•       Listen for weather reports from a TV or radio.

•       Locate a secure place, like a basement, inner room or storm cellar, to take shelter in when severe weather is approaching.

For more information on severe weather preparedness, please visit the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website.