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State releases educator evaluation numbers

The Indiana Department of Education released the first teacher evaluation results earlier this week, showing that 87.6 percent of teachers in the state were ranked at effective or highly effective.

Under the state’s rating system, teachers are tanked in one of four categories: 1 – ineffective, 2 –improvement necessary, 3 – effective and 4 – highly effective. Only educators who are rated in the top two categories are eligible for pay raises. Those rated in the bottom two categories are required to follow individual improvement plans.

Educators were evaluated by each district through classroom observations and other data.

In LaGrange County, only four of the 425 teachers were evaluated as ineffective.

Lakeland schools has a total of 156 teachers. Of those 27 were rated as highly effective. The district rated 113 of its teachers as effective.

The district had eight under improvement necessary and four under ineffective.

Westview schools had 152 teachers evaluated, with 100 percent of those falling in the effective category.

Prairie Heights had the highest number of teachers, 61 out of 117 total, in the highly effective category. Forty-seven teachers were rated as effective, with no teachers in the improvement necessary or ineffective column.

Statewide, 26.43 percent of teachers were rated at highly effective and 61.15 percent were effective. Just over 2 percent were rated at improvement necessary, and a mere 0.39 percent were ineffective. Ten percent were not categorized.