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State releases clandestine lab results for 2013

For Indiana, the numbers have continued to rise for clandestine meth lab seizures. In 2013, the Indiana State Police recorded 1,721 lab incidents, or seizures. That’s up from 1,663 in 2012 and 1,363 in 2011.

For LaGrange County, though, the number of labs seized has gone down, with 14 listed in the state police report released last year, down from the 24 recorded in 2012. That is the lowest number recorded in the county since 2005, when the county had 11 labs seized. The highest, in 2008, was 45.

In Indiana State Police District 22, a total of 270 labs were seized in 2013. Noble County had the most lab incidents, with 66, third highest in the state. Allen County was fourth highest in the state with 64 labs. Delaware County led the state with 109 seizures last year.

Huntington County had the least number of lab seizures in the district, with five labs.

Of the labs seized last year, the overwhelming majority, 87 percent, were the “one-pot” method labs.

The state report also noted that 440 children were identified in lab incidents last year across the state. That is an increase from 372 reported in 2012 and 362 reported in 2011.

The lab seizures led to 1,507 arrests in 2013, with an additional 581 suspects identified but not arrested at the time of the seizure.