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Speed limit set at 45 on CR 700S


Commissioners officially set the speed limit on CR 700S from 00EW to 500W at 45 miles per hour at Monday morning’s meeting. The action came after County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill made his official report on the stretch of road.

    Brill reported there are 10 businesses, 50 homes and two schools on the five miles in question. For safety reasons, the speed limit has been lowered. Enforcement of the new ordinance will start as soon as the signs noting the new speed limit have been erected.

    Commissioners discussed the costs of lowering the speed limit on all county roads to 45 mph. Commissioner Larry Miller noted that a survey of Milford Township has revealed that the cost for signs will be right at $6,000. As a result of the costs associated with the move, commissioners decided to look at individual roads for the time being.