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Software projects approved


    County commissioners accepted the recommendation of Information Technology Director Bob Murphy to approve the proposals of X-Soft and Low Associates for new software for the assessor, auditor and treasurer. The software packages will be used in the tax assessing and billing processes for the county.

    X-Soft, Inc. of Noblesville submitted a quote of $145,500 for the assessor package. Low Associates of South Bend quoted $182,310 for the auditor/treasurer package. The two company’s software packages are compatible and information will readily flow between the two systems.

    The original quotes were for both software and hardware. Since the county has already purchased the hardware necessary for the project, that amount will be deducted from the bids. Quotes included converting the current data to the new system.

    Although not the lowest bids received for the new software, the two bids were considered to be the most responsive and responsible of those received.

    Murphy has estimated the new vendors will reduce annual maintenance costs by some $20,000 to $25,000 a year. He also stated that the new software will reduce the time required to perform different functions in the offices by days and in some instances weeks.

    Geographic Information Services (GIS) Director Rita Lehner was given approval to buy a rolling cart to use with the new scanner recently purchased. The cart will cost $128 and will be purchased with money budgeted this year for the department.

    A GIS data sharing agreement with the State of Indiana was also approved by commissioners. The agreement will cover three years.

    Commissioners approved five different plats for County Planner Bob Shanahan. The five plats will accommodate nine building sites and the location for one new Amish school.