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Softball League Results

Class A Tack & Carriage and First State Bank both clinched first-half division championships in the Topeka Men’s Softball League with doubleheader sweeps last week.

Class A Tack & Carriage defeated Silverbacks by counts of 13-8 and 17-7 to wrap up a 9-3 tour of the Middle Division. Glen Lambright, which split a pair with Finishworks (16-6, 1-11) last week, was second in the loop with a 7-3 mark.

First State Bank capped off an 11-1 slate in the Lower Division with 7-2 and 15-12 victories over J & R Construction. Finishworks was a close second with a 10-2 record.

There was a tie for first in the Upper Division, as both Synergy/AllPro Gas and Cedar Creek/Hoopland Farms wound up with 9-3 records. Synergy/AllPro split a twin-bill with Larry Yoder (1-11, 14-11), while Cedar Creek/Hoopland swept Inferno Reloaded (16-14, 21-6).

W & S Wood Creations was the only other club to take two from its opponent on last week’s docket, as it handled the Outsiders (4-3, 12-10).

Splitting decisions were Streetkids/Wildman and Royal Motors/RC Recycling (30-17, 18-20), Challenger Door and Wildcard (17-16, 9-12), and Dave’s Lawnskaping and Rock Run Repair (8-11, 14-7).


(Final for 1st Half)

Upper Division

Synergy/AllPro Gas              9-3

Cedar Creek                         9-3

Royal Motors                       8-4

Streetkids/Wildman             6-6

D & R Miller Concrete         4-8

Inferno Reloaded                 3-9

Larry Yoder                         3-9

Middle Division

Class A Tack                       9-3

Glen Lambright                   7-3

Team X Factor                     7-5

Challenger Door                  7-5

Team Wildcard        6-6

Silverbacks                          3-9

Michiana Equipment           1-9

Lower Division

First State Bank                 11-1

Finishworks                       10-2

Rock Run Repair                 9-3

J & R Construction              7-5

W & S Wood                       5-7

Country Style Meats            4-8

Dave’s Lawnskaping            3-9

A & B Lawnskaping          1-11



Community State Bank moved to 4-0 in the Topeka Women’s Softball League with a 13-3, 5-4 sweep of Cedar Creek.

The other two doubleheaders played last week ended in splits. RV Transport and Cherokee each dealt the other a 12-2 defeat. Goshen Collision topped B. Lash Home Improvements, 9-5 in the first game, but lost the second, 5-4.


CSB                                    4-0

Cherokee                             3-1

RV Transport                       3-3

Cedar Creek                         2-4

B. Lash Improvements         1-3

Goshen Collision                 1-3