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Smokey Bear visits Par-Gil with students

The LaGrange County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) recently sponsored five Smokey Bear programs on wildfire prevention for LaGrange County elementary schools. Those participating were Parkside, Wolcott-Mills, and Prairie Heights Elementary schools. Approximately 240 kindergarten and first grade students met Smokey Bear and learned about the importance of trees and wildfire prevention. The programs were held at the Par-Gil Natural Resources Learning Center in LaGrange.

Students were able to hike to Par-Gil’s outdoor pavilion and wetlands outdoor theatre to discuss “What is a tree?” and “Being tree smart” with Smokey. The programs ended with the students promising Smokey to help prevent wildfires and protect the natural resources of the United States. Students then had an opportunity to “high five” or give a hug to Smokey.

Smokey Bear makes an annual visit to Par-Gil every October. Any elementary school interested in the Smokey Bear program should contact the LaGrange County SWCD at 463-6390.