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The Smoke Free Corner by Greg Johnson


Join the Movement to Help Indiana Successfully Become a Smoke-free State

“The Smoke-Free Corner”   by Greg Johnson 

Indiana's statewide smoke-free air law took effect on July 1, now every county in Indiana will be covered by a smoke-free air law. More Hoosiers will be protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke.   Nearly all public places in the state, including restaurants and other workplaces, will be smoke-free.

Smoke-free businesses help protect employees from secondhand smoke. Often, smoke-free air policies at work encourage employees who smoke to consider quitting.  Knowing what’s to be expected and preparing employees and customers for the new policy help ensure a smooth transition.

Breathe Easy Indiana

To assist Indiana residents and business owners transition to a smoke-free business or organization requires planning and education.   To help employers have a smooth, controversy free start, the Breathe Easy Indiana toolkit is available for FREE. The kit includes resources to educate employees and customers about the new smoke-free air law and what’s expected.  Log on at

Each FREE kit includes samples of materials available for order online:


§   Window/door decals

§   Posters

§   Brochures

§   Coasters

§   Table tents

§   Fact sheets explaining the law

§   Employee training sheet

§   Material order form

§   Transition checklist

§   Free quitting resources for employees

Have questions?

Breathe Free Indiana provides the answers covering the frequently asked questions regarding general, business and private and fraternal clubs.

Thinking about quitting?- There's Never Been a Better Time to Quit!

Also available on the Breathe Free Indiana website is a simple survey which just takes take a few seconds to complete.  It will help the Quit Now Indiana team better serve you and other Hoosiers that smoke.

Want to know what other Hoosiers are saying about the new Law?

To find out more about the new smoke-free air laws, join the Facebook discussions and see what other Hoosiers have to say.  Log on at


Greg Johnson of Tobacco-Free Northeast Indiana (TFNEI) may be reached at 260-350-9166 or