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Signage requirements for Indiana's new smoking ban


For those businesses in Northeast Indiana unclear of the new signage requirements as directed by the new Smoke-Free Air Law which takes effect July 1, just going smoke-free isn't enough.  All employers and public places in Indiana must post one or more of the following signs, depending on their type of the business:

·        "State Law Prohibits Smoking Within 8 Feet of This Entrance"must be posted at each public entrance to a public place or place of employment.

·        Two or more "Smoking is Prohibited by State Law" signs must be posted inside an establishment that is not exempt from the state smoking ban.

·        In addition to the "Smoking is Prohibited by State Law" signs, a restaurant must post a conspicuous sign stating that "Smoking is Prohibited in this Restaurant" at each entrance to the restaurant informing the public that smoking is prohibited in the restaurant.

·        Two or more "WARNING: Smoking is Allowed in this Establishment" signs must be posted inside an establishment exempt from the state smoking ban.

·        Two or more "Cigarette Smoking is Prohibited" signs must be posted inside a cigar bar or hookah bar that allows smoking of tobacco products other than cigarettes.

Free signs are available from the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission at The Indiana State Department of Health's Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission also has signs available at

Businesses and public places may print their own signs, provided they use the same or similar language, as specified in each sign. There are no size, font type, font size or color requirements.

A complete list of signs is available on the Alcohol Tobacco Commission website at  Additional information about Indiana’s Smoke-Free Air Law, including frequently asked question can be found on the ATC’s website.

For questions or information regarding the new State Law, or the Indiana Quitnow Program, a free tobacco cessation program available to employers, please contact Greg Johnson, regional program coordinator, Tobacco-Free Northeast Indiana, at 260-350-9166 or e-mail tobacco