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Shipshewana works to sort out Morton St. extension agreement

Even as work has begun on the south portion of the Morton St. extension, there are still questions remaining on splitting the costs of the project.

At Thursday’s Shipshewana Town Council meeting, Town Manager Mike Sutter told the board that the county was seeking to have language changed in the agreement that would see the county sharing only the cost of the road within the subdivision boundaries. That would leave out the connecting section to North Village Drive or other infrastructure, such as storm water drains.

Sutter told the council that he felt that the changes were not what was agreed upon with the county. He added that he believed the agreement that the county would share up to $200,000 in the cost of the extension, made in good faith, would include the project from the south boundary all the way to North Village Drive as well as storm water infrastructure.

Developer Alvin Miller told the council that he believed the agreement with the county was clear and that all three parties would share the costs that included more than just the road itself. He noted that a road to the north end of the subdivision and not connecting to North Village Drive would not work.

County Commissioner Jac Price attended Thursday’s meeting and said that he believed the county felt that the agreement was for the road only.

Sutter asked Price if the county would be comfortable with accepting shared cost for the road from the south boundary to North Village Drive. Price said that the county would participate in building the road, curb to curb, to North Village Drive up to $200,000. He also noted that the county would want to pay that cost directly to the town.

In other business:

The town approved a recommended rental agreement with the Shipshewana Area Historical Society for the Farver School location. The council also waived rent for the first six months.