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Shipshewana Walldogs Mural Painting Event

The Walldog Movement is quickly gaining popularity, and is a great way for a town of any size to boost its tourism. Imagine a large “pack” of talented artists descending upon your town to paint the most beautiful murals you can imagine. Every one of the walls that a fellow Walldog touches springs to life with images of local places, people, and products that have historic significance to each town.

On June 18, Shipshewana is the town that is being filled with painters from around the world, their brushes and when they leave 4 days later we will have 16 murals portraying our towns history.

The 32 project leaders are experienced Walldogs and will submit their drawings to the committee in Shipshewana in the next few weeks.  In most cases project leaders have proven themselves in the area of design too. They need to have an understanding of these types of large projects and the brick media on which the design will be presented. They also need to have an understanding of the historical background of their project and their designs need to reflect that. It is possible to have joint project leaders for one site: one leader who manages the project and the other that designs the art. Most project leaders have attended several events before being asked to lead, and usually it’s the job of the Event Host to pick these leaders.

David and Suze Butler of Butler Design Agency, Syracuse, IN are the Event Hosts in Shipshewana's Walldogs Event. An Event Host is a Walldog that helps organize the event for a specific town. They will work along side the town in making sure that the event goes off without a hitch. Event hosts are usually Walldogs that have been project leaders in the past and have proven that they can successfully manage a site and are ready to manage the whole meet. It is important that they have been to past events so that they can truly understand the scope of such an event. This is probably the most difficult job a Walldog can have and requires a lot of that person’s time and energy.

Although these painters come to Shipshewana on their own and do not get paid to paint, the costs of all the materials, paint, scaffolding, housing and feeding the 150-200 painters for the event will exceed $75,000. This cost is being covered by sponsors including: Blue Gate Restaurant, Shipshewana Auction, Farmstead Inn, Davis Mercantile, Yoder's Meat & Cheese Co., D'Vine Gallery, LaGrange County Community Foundation, Hubbard Feeds, Parkview LaGrange Hospital, JoJo's Pretzels, E&S Sales, LaGwana Printing, Legendary Designs, Town of Shipshewana, Apple Creek Alley, Shipshe General Store, Blue Gate Garden Inn, Spectors, CenturyLink, Shipshewana Campground South and many more.