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Shipshewana town manager post remains on hold


The Town of Shipshewana will remain without a town manager for the time being as the council tabled discussion and any action on the issue at Thursday’s meeting. With Council President Roger Yoder absent to attend the Pumpkinvine’s annual meeting, the council decided to delay discussion on what to do with the vacant post.

The council also tabled discussion on the Hostetler’s Hudson Museum, which remains closed at this time. The museum has been closed since the first of the year, shortly after the Focus Group pulled out of its management agreement with the town.

In other business:

The council voted to have the town cover the intersection at Middlebury and SR 5 for school crossing guard duty. The school would be responsible for the intersection at the school itself beginning with the 2012-2013 school year.

Shipshewana businessman Alvin Miller told the council that he and Levi King are moving ahead with developing the Christner Farm property on the north end of town. Miller told the council he would like to begin talking to the town on issues related to the development, such as utility connections, TIF district issues, and street connections. He added that he hopes that by discussing issues with the town now, future development can proceed quicker.

The council was asked by Truman Mullet about waiving the need to sign an annexation non-remonstrance document in order to hook into the town’s sewer system. The council said they did not want to set a precedent of waiving the document, but understood Mullet’s concerns about future annexation and the lack of any benefits that would bring to his property. Mullet is working on building a small fire briquette manufacturing facility just off of SR 5 north of town.

The board approved accepting the summer work study allotment from the state. The town will receive $8,100 to hire three students for summer work at $9 per hour each.

The council approved proceeding with getting quotes to replace the town’s backhoe, which is nearly 20 years old.

Residents were reminded that May 18-19 will be the dates for town-wide spring cleanup.