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Sheriff's department releases 2013 end of year statistics for county

LaGrange County Sheriff Terry Martin has released the 2013 year end statistics for the department.

    There were 884 traffic tickets issued, 1,199 traffic warnings, 370 criminal arrests, 134 felony arrests, 46 DUI arrests, 616 crashes investigated, 2,464 civil papers served, 159 special patrols, 9,204 police services, and total mileage was 309,509.

    In the jail division, there were 899 transports, 35,014 total transport mileage, 703 adult males, 184 adult females, nine juvenile males, three juvenile females. There was a total of 1,025 prisoners booked, consisting of 821 adult males and 204 adult females. There was a total of 100,725 meals served.

    There was $179,495 in Department of Corrections housing fees received and $195,289.55 in work release fees received.

    The LaGrange County Communications Center took a total of 22,277 requests for service in 2013 compared to 22,085 in 2012. Of the 22,277 calls for service, 4,583 came into the dispatch center via 911 calls.

    One of the most notable statistics, slide-off accidents, illustrates just how tough of a winter the county has had so far. The sheriff’s department investigated 43 slide-off accidents in 2013 compared to 29 in 2012. From January 1, 2014 until February 18, 2014, there have been 112.