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Sheriff’s department warns of scam

The LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department is warning that residents in LaGrange County are receiving phone calls from someone named “Rachel” at 260- 463-3990 that comes up on Caller ID with the name of “Hawk Bail Bonds.” This is known as “spoofing,” a scam in which virtually untraceable parties use someone else's number to disguise the identity of their own and inundate cell phones and land lines with relentless telemarketing robo-calls.

People should NEVER give out personal information to someone they do not know.

As the practice of “spoofing” continues to grow, BBB offers these tips for you when “Rachel” or any of the other numerous phone scammers get you into their sights:

•Do not trust Caller ID. Your phone’s screen might display the number of a familiar and trusted person but it can be faked.

•If you received a voice message with any sort of offer, do not call them back.

•If you answer and get a recorded pitch from Rachel or someone with a similar offer, do not press any buttons that you are prompted to press. This can cause you to receive even more annoying calls in the future.

•Trust your instincts. If something does not seem right or seems too good to be true, hang up.

•Allow calls to go to voice mail that appear to be from your own number or a familiar one. Pick up only if you recognize the voice.