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Sheriff’s Department announces 2013 awards

The LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department recently held their end of year awards ceremony and the following department members received awards.

Sergeant Darren Denney and Deputy Cliff Hibbs received Lifesaver Awards that were handed out by Bruce Coney of Parkview LaGrange EMS for lifesaving efforts they made throughout the year.

On May 17, 2013, Sergeant Denney arrived at an accident in which the driver was trapped and the car was on fire. Mr. Denney was able to freethe driver and move her to safety. Also, Sergeant Denney was the first to arrive at a structure fire on July 8, 2013 and found the occupant of the trailer within a few feet of the fire. Mr. Denney was able to move the injured occupant to safety.

On October 20, 2013, Officers were called to a home for a subject choking. Deputy Cliff Hibbs arrived on scene quickly and applied the Heimlich Maneuver which dislodged the object.

Also given out was the Top Gun Award which is awarded to the top marksman of the year. This year’s recipient was Lieutenant Detective Tad Oakley.

Years of Service Awards were also given out. 

The recipients for 5 Years of Service were: James Guldin, Jeff Gaylord, Jared Myers, Stephanie Mickem, Bill Morr, Jason McPherson, and Michelle Baumgartner. 

10 Years of Service Awards went to: Kim Mckibbin, Scott Rowlison, Tyler Fry, and Arron Knisley.

15 Years of Service was awarded to Kelly Landers

The following Jail Officers were also recently promoted to the Corporal position: Doug Leslie, Ryan Cummins, James Guldin, and Jeremy Frey.

Sheriff Terry Martin would like to congratulate all award recipients on their accomplishments in 2013