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Sewer study for SR 9 corridor gets approval


The LaGrange County Redevelopment Commission (RDC) approved a contract with engineering firm DLZ to conduct an engineering study on installing sewer lines along SR 9 north of LaGrange.

The study will look at how the town’s sewer line can be expanded from CR 200N northward. The study will also look at extending the Fawn River Crossing system south.

 The contract is for $30,000, with the study expected to be done in approximately six months.

The RDC discussed the need for the study in light of the recent defeat of a shell building plan by the county. Lora Tornamen from the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation told the RDC that there has been interest from outside companies to locate along the SR 9 corridor, including one that is considering the former Multiplex location just north of The Howe School. It was also stated during the RDC meeting that Filmore Equipment is considering a new home along SR 9 near CR 300N.

RDC President Meridith Cameron noted that there was enough future development being discussed to warrant the study.

However, Bob Murphy questioned spending the funds for a study if there is worry that the county would not pay to act on any recommendations. “It’s a poor investment if the commitment to go forward isn’t there,” Murphy said.

But other members felt that the study would be helpful to show that they are serious about bringing sewer service to that area and would help prevent further delays in the future if it is decided to move ahead with the project.

Tornamen noted that businesses often look at the area without letting anyone know they are looking and would not come to a meeting to ask for sewer service. If it’s not there already, they move on, she told the RDC.

“The biggest mistake we could make is to give up because of one or two naysayers,” George Bachman said.