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Sewer district discusses employee numbers

The LaGrange County Regional Utility District Board looked at how it has businesses within its service areas report employee numbers, as well as how it confirms other voluntary information used to bill users.

The question came up from Stroh Farm Supply, represented by Eric Perkins, who noted that when filling out the questionnaire from the district, they had included all payroll employees. However, Perkins noted, they had three truck drivers who do not work at the location and therefore do not use the facilities.

The board questioned whether or not they needed to have a definition of an employee for billing purposes. District legal counsel John Gastineau told the board that they had attempted to do that before, but it quickly became even more complicated.

Gastineau noted that the district looks at each case as they come up, and that the district would prefer owners to be as “forthright as the Perkins.”

The board did vote to remove the truck drivers from the number of employees at the Stroh Farm Supply location for billing purposes.

That led to a discussion on the YMCA Camp on CR 700S, which is billed on the number of beds, and how the district can confirm the information provided. Gastineau told the board that the camp director “is opposed to making spot checks if we believe the number is not accurate.” The camp’s attorney also told Gastineau that it was their opinion that the district did not have the authority to come on the camp’s property.

Gastineau pointed out that the district’s ordinances allow for district employees to go onto user property for district business.

It was noted that in the case of a youth camp, school, or similar location, district personnel should be accompanied by an official from that location.

In other business:

The board was told that the approved bond refunding received its final pricing on Wednesday. The district expects to save more than $2 million over the life of the bonds for Regions B and F due to the refinancing.