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Sens. Glick, Paul: ‘Combat to College’ Bill passes Senate


Legislation authored by State Sens. Sue Glick (R-LaGrange) and Allen Paul (R-Richmond) to establish a “combat to college” program for veterans passed the Senate recently by a unanimous vote.

Senate Bill 115 would require colleges and universities with at least 200 veteran students to establish a “combat to college” program, creating administrative and educational assistance for these students.

“Supporting our veterans is always a top priority for the state of Indiana,” Glick said. “Senators from both sides of the aisle voiced support for this bill in the interest of helping those who have served our country. By establishing more college resources for veterans, our schools will better position them to find long-term success in obtaining their degrees and securing employment.”

According to SB 115, state colleges and universities would be required to implement the following policies and programs for veterans:

·        A centralized location for admissions, registration and financial administration services.

·        Reasonable fitness accommodations for disabled veterans.

·        Academic guidance and counseling services.

·        Job-search assistance.

“After dedicating part of their lives to the service our country, veterans deserve a smooth transition into college life,” Paul said. “Veterans bring a unique experience to Indiana’s college campuses, and by developing this program, we are sending a message that we value the educational development of veterans across the state.”

SB 115 now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration. Reps. Shelli Vandenburgh (D-Crown Point) and Dennis Zent (R-Angola) are its sponsors.