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Sen. Glick’s bill to help veterans find jobs passes Senate


On Jan. 19, members of the Indiana Senate voted 48-0 in favor of Sen. Sue Glick’s legislation to help veterans apply skills learned while serving in the military to jobs back home.

“This bill is very important to Indiana and to young veterans whose unemployment rate is currently over 24 percent,” Glick (R-LaGrange) said. “We need to help those who have sacrificed and served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan find jobs when they return home. If passed, I believe this law would help us accelerate the hiring of veterans.”

Senate Bill 253 waives training requirements for certain professional licenses if a veteran has learned and practiced those same skills during military service. In addition, veterans would be able to obtain temporary professional licenses while they work to fulfill any unmet requirements.

Also outlined in the bill, state educational institutions must award college credit to members of the military or their spouses for successful completion of courses taken during their service, as long as the courses meet national standards and are in line with the specific institution's role, scope, and mission.

“Our veterans often bring new and unique skills when they return home from a tour of duty in foreign lands,” Glick said. “This is an opportunity not only to help reward our veterans but for employers to take advantage of the many skills they bring into our workplaces.”