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School board candidate filing open


All three LaGrange County public schools have school board seats coming up for reelection in the November general election.

This year, the election of school board members was moved to the general election to eliminate the need for printing an extra ballot in some cases, as well as putting the election on a ballot at a time when more votes are cast.

In the Prairie Heights School District, three seats are up for reelection: the Salem Twp. (Steuben County) seat held by Mark Thrasher; the Jackson Twp. (Steuben County) seat held by Bob Ledgerwood; and the Springfield Twp. (LaGrange County) seat held by Mike Howe.

In the Lakeland School District, three seats will be on the November ballot: District 3, held by Steve Bowen; District 4, held by Chad Olinger; and District 5, held by Carey McKibben.

Three seats on the Westview School Board will also be up for election in 2012: Clearspring Twp., held by Dave Mehas; Clay Twp., held by Carrie Schrock; and Eden Twp., held by James Miller.

Potential candidates seeking to run for school boards need to file a CAN-34 form with the LaGrange County Clerk’s Office. The form, a petition of nomination and consent for office, requires the signatures of 10 registered voters who live in the school district.

Candidates must live within the district or township they wish to represent. All voters within the respective school districts may vote on all candidates.

Deadline to file for the November election is Aug. 24.