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Salt bids for 2012-2013 received


Five firms responded to the call for bids for rock salt to be used on LaGrange County roads during the 2012-2013 winter.

    Bids were from Cargill of North Olmstead, Ohio, at $73.27 per ton, delivered; North American Salt of Kansas, $68.53 per ton, delivered; Detroit Salt Co. of Detroit, Mich., $65.25 per ton, delivered; and Morton Salt of Chicago, Ill., $65.17 per ton, delivered. Central Salt of Elgin, Ill., responded with “No bid this year.”

    Morton Salt was the successful bidder last year at $65.17 per ton.

    LaGrange County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill was instructed to review the bids and bring a recommendation to the June 18 meeting of county commissioners.