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Roadwork approved by commissioners


County commissioners approved three different road projects at their Monday morning meeting. CR 200E will be improved from US 20 to CR 25N and the intersection of 200E and 25N will be widened to better accommodate truck traffic.

    This project is projected to cost some $20,850 with the county highway department doing the work. Money will come from the Bloomfield Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) District. In addition to widening the intersection, the project includes a double overlay of asphalt on the road from US 20 north to CR 25N.

    Approval was granted for a $39,500 contract with USI Consultants for engineering, design and consulting on the bridge on CR 200S west of Emma. LaGrange County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill reported the culvert under the road there is bad and needs to be replaced. Money for this project will come from the Bridge Fund.

    Commissioners also approved a $17,000 contract with USI Consulting for a preliminary engineering report concerning the reconstruction of a road and bridge over the Fawn River. At one time, CR 100W extended north of CR 700N and crossed Fawn River. In recent time, the road has been abandoned and the bridge has disappeared. The abutments are still in place, but will undoubtedly need to be replaced.

    Money for this project will come from the Lima TIF District. Keith Gillenwater, director of the Economic Development Corporation, explained that the lack of this road has been listed as a deficiency on some recent industrial prospects.

    In another construction matter, Frank Brown from courthouse maintenance was instructed to seek quotes on fixing the roof on the county-owned building located on US 20 east of SR 9 that houses the community foundation.

    Commissioners approved a contract for the LaGrange County Parks and Recreation Department Master Plan study in the amount of $30,000.

    Annual appointments to the LaGrange County Jail Building Corporation were made. Appointed for this year are Commissioner Larry Miller, Councilman Michael Strawser, and Sheriff Terry Martin. Information Technology Director Bob Murphy reported that he is on track with County Attorney Kurt Bachman regarding the county council approved technology bond issue of $1.2 million. “Hopefully the bonds will be issued by Aug. 1,” Murphy said.

    Commissioners also approved a reimbursement resolution that will call for the expenditure of funds from the Rainy Day Fund prior to the receipt of bond money with reimbursement then going back to the fund. An additional appropriation of $200,000 will be asked of council at their June 11 meeting.