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Riegsecker will not seek reelection

 LaGrange County District 2 Council member Ryan Riegsecker announced this weekend that he will not be running for that seat again.

“I have greatly enjoyed serving the county over the past eight years and feel strongly that it is healthy for an organization to elect new members who have fresh ideas and directions,” Riegsecker said in the announcement.

He noted that he is happy with the progress the county has made over the last decade. “We have gone through some of the most trying economic times in our history, but I feel we have come out of it stronger and much wiser as to what we actually need as a government and not just want,” he said. The county, he said, has had many victories in that time.

“I sincerely appreciate the effort that all of the county employees, department heads, and elected officials have had during my terms and have been blessed that the citizens of LaGrange County have allowed me to serve,” he stated.