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Republican coroner candidate withdrawn


The LaGrange County Republican party has withdrawn its candidate for county coroner from the November ballot.

The decision was made Wednesday to pull Randy Packer’s name as the candidacy was challenged by the Democrats.

Under state laws, a candidate can be added to a ballot if none ran in the primary election, either through a party caucus or the party central chairman getting authorization to place a candidate on the ballot.

Republican County Chairman Bob Murphy said that, due to the time restraints set by the state, there wasn’t enough time to hold a caucus. A party caucus requires a 10-day notice.

Murphy put Packer’s name on the ballot, thinking that the Republican Party had, in the past, voted to give the party chairman the authority to do so. Following the challenge, Murphy reviewed the minutes from their meetings and, looking back several years, could not find documentation that there had been a vote on that issue.

Without the evidence to show the party had given the chairman that authority, Murphy withdrew Packer’s name from the ballot.