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Red Cross provides canteen for first responders

Volunteers for the American Red Cross of LaGrange County responded early Sunday morning to a request from LaGrange County Emergency Manager Stewart Bender to open a canteen for the firefighters and other personnel who were called to the old Campbell’s Mushroom Farm and warehouse fire in Brighton.  Coffee, water and food were provided along with a little time to step away from the intense activities of fighting the huge blaze.

Red Cross volunteers Trish Boase, Linda and Keith Stanton, Marilyn and Al Ott, Mark Lesh, Russell Baker, Rebecca Bellaire and Carolyn and Carl Schermerhorn responded and put into practice their skills as trained Red Cross volunteers. Although this is the first time since the Palm Sunday tornadoes of 1965 that the Red Cross has had a large callout of volunteers in LaGrange County, these people and others respond locally to assist individuals and families who suffer home fires in LaGrange County and deploy throughout the United States for larger disasters when needed.  Red Cross volunteers are trained and prepared to assist with humanitarian needs as requested.

LaGrange County Red Cross Operations Coordinator Jo Schrader praised the way in which the resources of the Red Cross were requested and activated and the way in which volunteers readily responded to the needs of the first responders.