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Recorder candidates highlight experience


The two candidates running for the office of LaGrange County Recorder answered questions posed by the LaGrange Standard-News concerning the office they are seeking.

Pam Farber

1. Describe your personal background.I am a lifelong resident of LaGrange County. Married to Mike for 33 years. We have two grown children, Derek and wife Heather and twin daughters Alyssa and Emmalyn. Amber and husband Jeremiah and their daughter Taylor and son Matthew. I am a member and former officer for the Women of the Moose and Director on the LaGrange County Chamber Board.

2. Professional background. I graduated from Lakeland and began working as a teller at the Shipshewana State Bank. When we started our family I was a stay at home mom until the kids started school. I went back to work as a cafeteria worker at Lakeland High School for eight years, then a real estate agent with a few jobs in between. As a real estate agent I have had extensive training in both land descriptions and preparation of real estate documents

3. Why are you seeking this office?I feel as a lifelong resident and real estate agent it is a great combination for this office and the time is right.

4. Do you see ways to improve how this office is currently working?At this time I do not.

Jennifer Bricker-McBride

1. Describe your personal background. I was born and raised in Howe and I am now married to Rick McBride and raising three wonderful children, Jon, age 16, Matt, age 13, and Kalei, age 11, just a few miles from where I grew up. I am a member of the Parkview LaGrange Foundation Committee, Lakeland School Building Committee and the Purdue Extension Board. I also volunteer by helping with many local parades, along with volunteering with a local non-profit organization, Reason4Hope. Through my volunteering I also help with Parkview Hospice’s Festival of Lights and Paddle for Parkview. My family and I attend the LaGrange First Church of God.

2. Professional background. After being a stay at home mom I began working for LaGrange Publishing Company as an editor, reporter and lastly in the accounting and circulation departments. From there I worked at RV Transport in Topeka and in 2007 I was offered a position as administrative assistant at the LaGrange County Plan Commission. I enjoyed my 4.5 years with the plan commission, but was ready for the challenge of transferring to the deputy recorder position in January 2012. The experience that I have gained over the last five years with LaGrange County Government has helped me to excel and makes me look forward to having a long-lasting relationship there.

I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from International Business College in 1994. In May 2012 I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Walden University and am currently taking a nine-week financial class.

3. Why are you seeking this office? I am seeking this office due to the fact that I have experience, not just in the recorder’s office, but in county government in general. I understand and enjoy the importance that the recorder’s office holds, not just in county government, but in other areas such as genealogy, research and the local economy as a whole. I feel that my experience and dedication to the county will carry through into the recorder’s position, allowing me to manage the office in a proper and educated manner.

4. Do you see ways to improve how this office is currently working? I think there is always room for improvement. Technology changes at an amazing pace and therefore so should the LaGrange County Recorder’s Office. Researchers for title companies, attorney’s offices, genealogists and the like enjoy and prefer doing research from the office or from home. With current technology a limited amount of research can be done from the comfort of the office/home. Looking into the future, I would like to implement more technological advances that would allow even more online opportunities.

Due to the fact that I have a professional relationship with the regular researchers, I will be able to talk with them and take their opinions into consideration as to other changes that could be made to improve the office. I am always open to improvements that will better the office and will take time to research options rather than jumping into decisions that may end up hindering the office rather than improving it.