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RDC tables sewer engineering study


An engineering study on running a sewer line north from LaGrange along SR 9 was tabled Friday by the LaGrange County Redevelopment Commission due to a large difference in quotes from engineering firms.

A committee studied the quotes that were received for the project and came back with a recommendation of using DLZ Engineering, which had the second lowest quote of $30,000. The committee reported that they were not comfortable recommending the lowest quote from Triad Associates. Triad had quoted only $13,750, less than half of the next closest bid.

Committee member John Senecal told the other board members that they were not sure that Triad understood the project and the phases that the RDC was looking to include in the study. The committee was comfortable with DLZ as they are the engineering firm used by the Town of LaGrange and understand the town’s system.

County Commissioner George Bachman suggested tabling the recommendation to contact Triad’s references and to ensure that their quote was accurate. He noted that the county has gone with someone other than the lowest quote, but usually when the difference is only $2,000 to $3,000 between the two. He also added that there have been projects where a much lower bid has worked out.

The RDC members voted to table action on the study until their January 18 meeting.

Other quotes were from Wessler Engineer, $33,000; Structure Point, $33,800, GAI, #39,500 and USI Consultants, $40,000.