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Quartet performing at Stroh Church of God

The Shane Brothers Quartet, a Christian gospel group whose members together have recorded more than 40 albums, will appear at the Stroh Church of God at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 20. The concert is free but a freewill offering will be taken.

The quartet also owns and operates the Gospel Barn of Bluffton in Northeast Indiana, the city   that serves as headquarters for the group.

Singing in the quartet are brothers Jeff, Mike and Rick Shane and Jim Loving.

The group began performing together in 1992 and has since performed with notables like Glen Campbell, the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, the Kingsmen, the Florida Boys, and the Booth Brothers.

Jeff Shane, the group’s baritone, says the group was inspired by the brothers’ parents, who loved music and performed themselves in a family quartet. “We always had southern gospel playing in our house,” he stated, and the purpose of the current group is “to encourage Believers.”

Jeff and his wife, Amy, live in Bluffton with their five children, Austin, Caeleb, Jared, Kara and Kiah.

Loving, the group’s tenor, has more than 40 years experience working as a gospel soloist and as a member of several groups. Because he has a doctorate in higher education, Loving has also served as a college administrator and professor.  He and his wife, Charlotte, live in Delphi, Ind., and they have one son, Philip, who is a student at the University of Minnesota.

Mike Shane, the group’s lead/second tenor, says that music has always been a part of his life and he cites the influence of his grandfather, who led worship at his home church for more than 65 years.

Shane works in the radiology department at Lutheran Hospital in Ft. Wayne.  He and his wife, Michelle, have three children, Emma, Hannah and Wesley.

Singing bass is Rick Shane.  He says that just before he was born, his parents took him often to hear top gospel quartets like the Statesmen and the Oak Ridge Boys. When the bass singers hit their low notes, the expectant mother’s baby would go crazy. “That baby was me,” Rick said. “When I was born I had such a low cry that the doctor told my parents, ‘You are going to have a bass singer.’”

Rick attended the Stamps Baxter School of Music and the Steve Hurst School of Vocal Ministry and Performance. He has sung with 10 different quartets. He and his wife, Tammy, have three children, Conley, Kristina and Mat.

Most of the group’s appearances are in the Midwest.