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The purrfect cure


A series of unhappy family events found Sharon Beverly somewhat depressed.

Her husband suggested perhaps she needed a pet to care for, and to care for her. While attending the KennyBurkett Clinic in LaGrange, she ran into Norma Miller who also suggested perhaps a pet would help. Miller said she just finished reading a book about how pet therapy is a good thing and that it really helps when someone feels depressed.

Miller took the situation another step and approached Mim Smith, director of the clinic. They discussed the potential of Ark Animal Sanctuary getting involved. Ark Director Brian Cochran said, “bring me a prescription and we will see what we can do.”

Miller and Smith approached the doctors at the clinic and the rest is history. “Take two cats per choice from the Ark Animal Sanctuary, from the KennyBurkett Clinic in LaGrange.” The prescription was taken to the Ark Animal Sanctuary and Beverly left with two beautiful sister cats.

Beverly has had the cats in her home and from day one she says, “As soon as I brought them into the house they were at home. They are both very affectionate, have loud motors and sleep with us every night. They love to watch the water in the toilet, follow me wherever I go, and they let me know when someone comes to the door. I have renamed them Ziggy and Zoey and I can’t imagine life without them. They have truly been a help to me and I am so glad Norma suggested the whole thing.”

“It is so good to see Sharon smile again.” Cochran said. “They were dropoffs at the sanctuary and this is a success story. I wish all stories would have the same ending. We are happy for the cats and also for Sharon.”