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Property deed scam alert


The LaGrange County Recorder’s Office wants to inform the community that letters are being sent out to landowners and contract purchasers in LaGrange County recommending that all landowners obtain a copy of their deed and the letter sender is offering do a property search for the landowner for $80 to $100.

The LaGrange County Recorder’s Office agrees that it is important to have a copy of your property deed. However, landowners are able to do this by coming in to the recorder’s office or call (260) 499-6320 for assistance rather than paying a company for this service.

Fees for copies of deeds are $1 per page and there is no charge for recorder’s office staff to assist you. The LaGrange County Recorder’s office is located at 114 W. Michigan St. in LaGrange.

Information for every property in LaGrange County is available by visiting www.lagrangecounty. org, click on the “LaGrange County GIS-Beacon” tab, and do a search by name, address, or parcel ID.