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Prairie Heights welcomes new staff for 2012-2013


At their August 20 meeting, the Prairie Heights School Board took action on several new employees for the 2012-2013 school year.

New employees for the elementary school include: Marissa Reichleym, Kayla Lucas, Deb Eash, Vickie Smart, Shannon Squier, and Stacey Milleman.

Prairie Heights Middle School’s new staff members are Jum Magnuson and Brandon Rumsey. Resigning from the middle school are Kent Bowen, Eric Piazza, and Judy Burlew.

Prairie Heights High School gained new staff this year as well, including Anena Rolofson, Jennifer Wells, and Ashley Johnson. Elizabeth Brockington’s resignation was accepted.

The board approved new sports personnel: Henry Gore, Chad Johnson, Tyler Terry, Norm King, Brad Moore, Jennifer Holden, Sicily Boyce, Kevin Fisher, Brooke Randol, and Tracey Norris.

The board approved repairing the middle and elementary school roof at a cost of $113,300.