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Prairie Heights schools report on test data

Building principals for the Prairie Heights School Corporation reported to the board Monday evening on their buildings’ test data, noting the improvements made and areas that they are still tackling.

Elementary principal Brenda Rummel told the board that the school has seen some good growth in scores this past year and that she feels the school is on the right track.

Middle school principal Vicki Walker noted that the school’s test scores are mixed. “We’re not where we want to be in English and Language Arts,” she told the board. However, the school is seeing its math scores improve and hold. Walker cited the school’s strong math program for its improvements.

High school principal Jeremy Swander told the board that the school is looking at ways to improve students’ language skills by incorporation reading and writing into all subjects. He also noted that they are working to get graduation rates back above 90 percent, but added that several students listed as “dropping out” actually attended the high school for a very short time, but still counted against the school’s graduation rate.

The high school is also working on career readiness, and looking to increase dual credit and AP course credit opportunities.

In other business:

The board heard a presentation from Indiana State Police troopers who would like to work with staff on active shooter scenarios in the school.