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Prairie Heights FFA holds awards night

The Prairie Heights FFA chapter held its annual banquet and awards ceremony Monday evening.

Two PH FFA members were each awarded a $1,500 scholarship from Monsanto through its America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders scholarship program. Riley Lewis and Jason Perkins were presented with the scholarship, which is meant to encourage students to consider careers in agriculture.

The Prairie Heights FFA Alumni Association presented its first scholarship for $250 to Cara Perkins.

The chapter welcomed Superintendent Alan Middleton, Laney Kratz and Becky Courtright as honorary FFA chapter members.

Other awards and recognition of member accomplishments included:

National 3-Star Chapter

2014 District Proficiency

Pam Kruckeberg – 2nd in Small Animal; Joanna Claudy – 3rd in Poultry; Mitch Perkins – 1st in Forage; Josh Perkins – 1st in Div Crop; Riley Lewis – 1st in Div Ag; Kelsey Younce – 1st in Goat; John Tracey – 1st in Dairy and 1st in Div Livestock; Taylor Warkentine – 1st in Ag Com; Rene Lewis – 2nd in Emerg Ag Tech.

2014 Leadership Contests

Creed – Katie Cooper;

Essay – Kelsey Younce;

Extemporaneous Public Speaking – Marissa Richardson;

Freshman Extemp. Speaking – Kendall Perkins, 2nd at District;

Ag Business Management Demonstration – MaeKenzie Sheetz and Amanda Prough, 4th at District;

Ag Mechanics Demonstration – John Tracey and Keagan McGraw;

Animal Science Demonstration – 3rd at District;

Food Science Demo – Liz Kratz, 3rd at District;

Horticulture Demo – Rene Lewis and Tailor VanWagner;

Natural Resources Demo – Riley Lewis;

Plant and Soil Science Demonstration –Tanner Perkins, 3rd at District;

Job Interview – Kelsey Younce, 4th  at District;

Public Speaking – Skylar Clingan, 1st at District;

Freshman Public Speaking – Kendall Perkins, 1st at District;

Talent –Liz Kratz, 4th at District;

Leadership Ambassador – Marissa Richardson, 3rd at District;

Discovery Degree Public Speaking – Kamryn Murley, 4th at District;

Senior Agriscience – Katlyn Myers and Logan Mettert, 2nd at District;

Exhibit – 1st at District;

Scrapbook – 1st at District;

Multi-Media Scrapbook – Taylor Warkentine, 3rd at District;

Quiz Bowl –Rene Lewis, Tailor VanWagner, Kendall Perkins, Katie Cooper, 3rd at District;

Chapter Meeting – Cara Perkins, Riley Lewis, Marissa Richardson, Skylar Clingan, Tanner Perkins, Kelsey Younce, Stone Groosbeck, MaeKenzie Sheetz, Tailor VanWagner, Mitch Perkins, Josh Perkins, and Rene Lewis, 2nd at District;

Novice Chapter Meeting – Kendall Perkins, Ty Rowdon, Katie Cooper, Alex Gunthorp, Amanda Prough, Lydia Johnston, and Kelsey Cook, 1st at District;

The chapter placed 1st at District Contest

Hoosier Degree (10) – John Tracey, Joanna Claudy, Tanner Perkins, Pam Kruckeberg; 

American Degree applicants – Rebekah Frey;

National contests

Ag Sales – National Gold Rating, 8th Place at National Convention.

Dairy – Qualified for NAILE in Louisville, Ky.