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Potential savings explained to commissioners


A presentation on potential savings to the county of $4,600 per month was explained to commissioners at Monday’s meeting. Eric Hartman of InDigital Telecom made the presentation.

    Hartman explained that the expenditure of some $100,000 to install fiber optic cable connecting all county buildings would be a necessary part of the program. “We anticipate this expenditure would save $4,600 a month, a 21-month payback for the county,” he explained.

    The expenditure, when coupled with the anticipated Voice Over Internet (VOI) is anticipated to cut the monthly county telephone bill from $9,550 to $4,200 a month.

    Hartman also quoted a cost of $71,000 to change the 911 Call Center equipment. There will be a $15,000 annual maintenance agreement.

    Hartman said that the newly enacted legislation on telephone fees for 911 service was not kind to LaGrange County. It has been suggested that LaGrange County will receive a net amount of 80¢ for each landline or cellphone. Current charges are $2.80 for each landline. One of the saving graces of the new legislation is that no county will receive less than the average of the last three years. LaGrange County’s projected revenue for 2013 is $424,000.