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Plea agreement rejected; Lumbard to be sentenced

 Nathan Lumbard, formerly of LaGrange County, is scheduled for a sentencing hearing on December 23 in St. Joseph County, Mich.

A plea agreement that was set for sentencing last Friday was rejected. The case is in connection to a 2009 arson at Welch’s Steak and Ribs in Sturgis.

An agreement was made this fall that would have meant no more than three years of prison time for Lumbard. However, the St. Joseph County Circuit Court judge said Friday that he would not honor the agreement made with the prosecutor’s office. According to reports, the judge indicated that he plans to sentence Lumbard to six years, 11 months to 15 years in prison.

Lumbard may still withdraw his plea and ask for a trial. The deadline for that action is December 23.