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Plat committee approves six agenda items

Members of the LaGrange County Plat Committee approved all of the items on the agenda Thursday morning.

Three of the items were in connection with animal feeding operations (AFO). Keith Lambright and Chad Neff received approval for an AFO west of 8530E 400N that will allow them to build a barn to house 296 head of feeder cattle. The animals will weigh some 500 pounds and be kept until finished at 1,300-1,400 pounds.

Freeman and Amy Yoder received a positive recommendation to build a 2,000-head wean to finish hog barn at their home located at 2150W 150N. This will now go to the plan commission for final approval.

Steve Hooley was approved to build a 125-head compost pack barn for dairy cattle at 3000W 050N. Hooley is already milking cows at this location and the addition of the barn will allow for better management of the animals and their waste.

Two applications for one-lot subdivisions were approved. Glen and Elizabeth Yoder were approved for a site at 8035W 500S (four-woods corner) and George and Linda Trump received the go-ahead for a lot at 6765N 1200W. The Trumps will be building a home on the site near their orchards.