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Plat committee approves seven area projects

Members of the LaGrange County Plat Committee approved seven different projects at their Thursday morning meeting. Included were two one-lot minor subdivisions and five business expansions and start-ups.

Mervin and Katie Miller were approved for a two-acre, one-lot minor subdivision to separate their new business, Hawpatch Engine Repair, from the remainder of their property. A second subdivision of 4.2 acres was approved for William Connelly and Travis Glick to separate a residence from an agricultural property.

Crossroads RV was passed on to the Area Plan Commission (APC) with a positive recommendation. The 48,100 sq. ft. building will be located on 305 Hawpatch Dr. in Topeka and will be used for an RV service and research center. The Town of Topeka sent a letter of endorsement for the project.

A two-business addition in the North Village area was given a positive recommendation. Tim Hite and Howard Yoder will be operators of the businesses. Hite will be building a 720 sq. ft. metal powder coating business facility and Yoder will locate a 7,200 sq. ft. woodworking manufacturing plant on the lot. The lot is zoned B-2 and they will need to secure a waiver from the Board of Zoning Appeals next week before the APC will approve their plan to move ahead on January 27.

Lavern and Rachel Miller received a positive recommendation for their plan to operate a retail business in an A-1 zone. The property is located at 1450N 1150W (north of Rise 'n Roll Bakery) and Miller is planning to have retail sales of novelty woodworking items that he manufactures on the premises. The plan now goes to the APC.

A new 24,000 sq. ft. business site plan was passed on to the APC with approval. The proposed project is located at the northwest intersection of Taylor Dr. and North Village Dr. in Shipshewana. The firm will repair and manufacture refrigerators and freezers to operate on LP gas. Elvie and Clara Frey were petitioners for this project. This project will also need to clear a hurdle at the BZA for a land use variance.

Richard and Mary Lambright received a positive recommendation to the APC for a retail store in an A-1 area. The property is located at 6495W 450N. Their plan is to remodel about 2,300 sq. ft. of an existing structure to accommodate the selling of fabrics, household and hardware goods.