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Plan, building departments applauded


Commissioner Larry Miller publically applauded the county planning department and building department at the Monday county commissioners meeting.

Miller said that following the fire at the Kenny Yoder residence, west of SR 5 on CR 600S, he received a phone call from the contractor on the project who had words of praise for the cooperation displayed by the county planning and building departments. “The permit people were very accommodating,” he said.

When it came time for inspections, local building inspectors were very accommodating in getting to the job site quickly and making their inspections.

Building Department Director Tom Marks was present and said that his department tries to bend over backward to take care of inspections in the event of fire rebuilds.

Miller noted that with large work crews, often containing over 50 people, it is necessary to have quick inspections to keep everyone working. The Yoders’ barn is complete and the house will be ready for occupancy within a few more days.