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PHS Board discusses major projects


Prairie Heights Board of Education met on Monday, February 18.

Prairie Heights Elementary School hired a new part-time Aid, Lisa Scofield. As the school corporation gains a new member they say goodbye to one, Theresa Sistrunk who is a High School English teacher. 

The new projects for 2013 have been laid out and decided upon. The first main project is to redo the roof at Prairie Heights Elementary/Middle School.

There is a lean-to off the east barn that needs taken care of. Once fixed it will be the storage garage off the baseball field.

The Largest project will be the excavation for the practice fields. Silt fencing will be installed along 20; trees will be removed as necessary to the east and southeast. All the topsoil will also be removed as needed; site balanced, leveled and prepared.  Installations of catch basins and drainage pipes will be tended to relocated existing drainage. Topsoil will be replaced; sports fields leveled, laser graded and prepared, and fields staked. All disturbed soil areas will be seeded with Executurf Playmaker Athletic Mix at a range of 8-10 pounds of seed per 1000 sq. feet. 

The baseball field will be reseeded and base pathes will be skinned. The poles and electrical panel on the softball field lights will be replaced.

The sprinkler systems will now include the following fields: softball, baseball, football, practice football, and soccer. It will be provided by the use of an 8” well, element to 6” line- 4” lines; 2” lines.

The following are concrete projects that will take place as the year progresses: ADA sidewalks to east football bleachers and concession stand; Ag building sidewalks to parking lot and entrance; pad in front of Ag shop to the east; maintenance shop pad repair; southeast entrance to PHHS gym; sidewalk south of central office; ADA ramp to home bleachers.

Over spring break the removal of a water pressure tank at Prairie Heights Elementary will take place. Arsenic tanks are gone and the water pressure tank is to be put in.

The Wood shop at Prairie Heights High School is to be painted. Three storage rooms are already completed.

Steel roofing is to be put over the softball and baseball dug-outs over the summer.

After track season the long jump is to be resurfaced.

Air conditioning in the elementary/middle school kitchen is to be replaced.

Asphalt replacement is to be done to the Ag shop and an asphalt coating to the PHHS student parking lot to PHES southern boundary.

The chain link fences are to be repainted.

An arrow fence is to be put around the home bleachers at the football field.