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PHHS senior earns broadcasting award


PrairieHeightssenior Morgan Tritch received a second place award from the Indiana Association of Student Broadcasters for a promo he entered in the state’s yearly competition. Tritch entered the promo in the spot production category.

“Earlier in the year, I made a promo for the theater production of ‘Murder in a Nunnery.’ My teacher, Mrs. Shepard, thought I should tweak it and enter it into the competition,” Tritch stated. He was surprised to win since there are several entries in this category from very large programs all over the state.

“Many schools that do well at the state level are large vocational programs. That means students are in a TV program for at least three hours a day,” PHTV instructor Carmen Shepard commented. “At PH we offer everyone a chance to take two or three years of media production by offering a 50-minute, year-long course that many students can fit into their busy schedules.” She also noted that with only a short amount of time to work on projects every day, it is amazing to see students creating quality projects that can compete among those with three times the effort.

“I am really excited for Morgan to be recognized for his work,” Shepard said. “He did a great job of combining music, special effects, camera shots and graphics into a short promo that made the audience want to buy a ticket to the show. That is exactly what a promo should do.”

Tritch was part of last year’s award winning PHTV lip dub and is in his third year of TV production at Prairie Heights. He believes media classes will help him with his future. “These TV classes will help me with my creativity in all courses and will be an advantage if I end up pursuing some sort of education in broadcasting, which is quite possible,” Tritch noted. “I can also tie in my TV experiences to enhance my ministry.”

Tritch plans to attend Lincoln Christian University in Illinois for Worship Ministry studies. His promo can be viewed on YouTube by going to the phtv100 channel.